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When many hands work together, even herculean tasks become simple. The collective and synchronized nature of our work has been the pillar of S. Aid’s achievements. Making a humble beginning with five staff members S. Aid has now grown into a team of over 50 members, joined together with a common agenda and passion for children especially girls living in street situations in the country.

The Board: They constitute an integral part of the Street Girls Aid team. The Board of S. Aid do not receive an honorarium or salary but they devote quality time for the children and the administration of the organization.

The S. Aid Board leads by example through their guidance and hands-on support. They ensure their participation in meetings to get a detailed understanding of the problems faced and facilitate the resolution of these issues. The Board team is composed of Mrs  Fredrica Owuani (Chairperson), Bro Jos Van Dinther, Mr. George Afum Ansah, Mrs. Nicolina Ladjepko, Mrs. Evelyn Quartey Papafio and Mr. Henry Essandoh

Executive Director

Mrs Vida Asomaning Amoako

Mrs Vida Asomaning Amoako has been working towards the care and protection of girls & children in vulnerable circumstances for over two decades. An Alumnus of University of Ghana Business School and the Department of Social Work, she joined S. Aid in 1994 as the administrator. Vida brings along skills of strong skills of Social work, organizational development, NGO management, human resource management, capacity building, project management and communication. A strong advocate of social inclusion, she strives to inculcate and foster the equality and gender sensitive spirit of the organisation. A firm believer in girls and women’s empowerment, Vida participates in formal mentoring of young women and girl and has been instrumental in the set up and growth of several NGOs.

Deputy Director

Mrs Irene Engmann

She is a part of the S. Aid family for the past 25 years. Initially, she joined us as a social worker and today, she is the Deputy Director. She holds a Master’s degree in Adult education and human resource development, degree in Project Management and a Diploma in social administration.

Board Members

Mrs Fredrica Owuani - Chairperson

Mrs Fredrica Owuani is the Director in charge of Justice Administration at the Department of Social Welfare (DSW). Her involvement in the development sector spans three decades during which she spent a considerable amount of time in DSW and headed various development including the Probation Unit. She has been a passionate advocate of vulnerable and working children’s rights in various policy and legislative forums of Ghana. Her intensive involvement in S. Aid’s operation has helped in the formulation of child-centric policies and programs. She is a team player and a dynamic woman who seeks to put up the best in whatever field she finds herself.

Bro Jos Van Dinther.

Bro is the Director of Catholic Action for Street Children (CAS), a highly performing NGO with wide ranging activities supporting Street connected children . He is a Founding member of CAS and his management expertise has enabled CAS to grow and support itself over the almost 30 years of existence. 

Mr Gororge Afum Ansah

He is the Deputy Director of CAS where he heads the flagship sponsorship programme for street connected children. He has served the organization for the more than 25 years A Social worker by education he has enormous experience in both human and financial resource management.

Mr. Henry Essandoh

Henry Essandoh has had many careers spanning a multiple range of interests and opportunities He is a hands on person who provides hands on training for young men in refrigeration and cooling technology. He is a private businessman and he worked on several national and international projects involving traditional artisans and craftsmen.

He is a committed Rotarian whose interest is in working with children to improve their literacy functional literacy skills and has set up several reading clubs as a way to give back to society.

Mrs Evelyn Quartey Papafio

She was the head of National Nursery Teaching Training Institute. She is a great teacher and consultant for Early Childhood Care centres. Due to her ardent interest in ECD education she co-authored several workbooks for Kindergarten education. Her keen interest in early childhood education has helped in improving S.Aid ECD centres. She has several years’ experience and consulted for several ECD programmes including the Outreach Training programmes for ECD educators in some selected Districts of the country. She was a member of the team that worked on the Early Childhood Policy for the country and participated in writing the ECD curriculum. She is a child’s right advocate.

Nicolina Ladzekpo

She is the Office Manager of the National Insurance Commission at Cape Coast. She has worked as the Marketing manager in several Insurance Companies including Regency Insurance and Millennium Insurance Company Ltd. She is passionate about the rights of women and girls.


Coordinators: A specialized team of coordinators with skills in social work, education and youth work under the supervision of the Deputy Director .Each of the 4 departments is managed by a Coordinator with the help of dedicated teams.

The Team: Apart from the management, the S. Aid family encompasses a trained and experienced group of social workers, child care attendants, administration staff, counsellors, trade instructors, security men and housekeeping staff. S. Aid is grateful to the specialized team of professionals whose expert guidance is critical to the growth of children and the organisation.
A special mention to all our friends, volunteers, who dedicate their time and share their skills for the welfare of our children.

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