Young Mothers
Support Program

The young mother’s support centre is one of the few shelters for vulnerable girls and teenage mothers in Ghana.

When we welcome a girl into the shelter, we provide services that both respond to their immediate needs and support them while they work on acquiring skills and knowledge that will allow them to build a stable life for themselves and their children.

The care that is provided by our trained staff is a product of more than 25 years of experience serving vulnerable girls living in street situations.

Services typically include;
Life Skills
Case Management
Parenting & Nutrition Skills
Vocational training
Family reunification
Medical Care
Assistance for health insurance

S.Aid other programs – The West African Network for Children on the Move (WAN)

S.Aid works as the National Coordination of the network in Ghana with the mandate to protect children and young people on the move in the country. WAN is a network for the protection of children and youth on the move, in vulnerable situation, within the ECOWAS space and in Mauritania. It is a transnational mechanism of coordination and collaboration between different actors in different countries for the referral, care and protection of vulnerable children on the move in West Africa.

Refer to for more information on the Network

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