Welcome to Street Girls Aid (S.Aid)

Serving street children Impacting generations

- We help take Street Kids off the street -

Welcome to Street Girls Aid (S.Aid)

Empowering young mothers on the streets

- We help take Street Kids off the street -

Welcome to Street Girls Aid (S.Aid)

Ensuring children on the streets receive education

- Help us take Street Kids off the street -


Programs to help empower street kids
Street Outreach Program

The Street Outreach Program provides outreach services designed to build relationships between outreach workers and street children and youth.

Mobile library project

Many children are unable to access formal/non-formal education due to poverty, work commitments or distance from school.

ECD Program on the streets

Every child has the right to an education.- Education has the power to transform children's futures but thousands of children on Ghana's streets are missing out.

Vocational and life skill program

Teenage pregnancy and subsequent motherhood presents a major challenge to a girl child who has no social support from family, friends and the community.

Young Mother's Support Center

The centre provides vital support to teenage parents and pregnant teens no matter their circumstance teen parents are given the tools they require to effectively nurture and interact with their children giving both the best chance of an improved future.


S.Aid is the leading Ghanaian NGO that works with girls and babies living and working on the street to promote and create opportunities that empowers them to become contributing members of the society in partnership with other agencies.

Our Vision

To have a society where children on the streets have a high quality of life and opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and contribute to the society.

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