What is IDSC 21

The term ‘street children’ or ‘street-connected children is used to describe children who:

  1. Depend on the streets to live and / or work, either on their own, or with other children or family members; and
  2. Have a strong connection to public spaces (e.g. streets, markets, parks, bus or train stations) and for whom the street plays a vital role in their everyday lives and identities. This wider group includes children who do not live or work on the street but regularly accompany other children or family members in the streets.

International Day for Street Children (IDSC) is organised by the Consortium for Street Children who are coordinating a global effort to improve the lives of children in street situations. The day is observed on the 12 th of April every year to “recognise the humanity, dignity and defiance of street children in the face of unimaginable hardships”.

This year the organisation joined a group of NPOs working  with Street Connected Children in Ghana to observe the day under the Theme” Access” for street children. Two main activities took place on the day. In the morning staffs and beneficiaries of Street Girls Aid stood by major roads in Accra with placards that read

Placards to sensitize the public on the plight of the children on the streets of Ghana.  We saw the interest of the public who in several cases stopped to ask questions. In the evening a webinar was held that focused on the theme for the day. The panel was made up of the Director of S.Aid ,an academician from the Centre for Social Policy Studies , University of Ghana ,representative from the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection representatives of NGOs and a former street child.

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