Ayele came to Accra to escape the maltreatment from her aunt .According to her. She was made to sell the whole day whiles her aunt’s children went to school.

In Accra she lived with a boy who often abused her because she depended on him for her upkeep. She said she was unhappy and wanted to leave him but she was afraid. Ayele confided in the outreach worker about her desire to acquire a vocational skill.

At the S.Aid shelter Ayele was offered a place to sleep whiles she participated in the cookery training programme designed to include literacy , life skills and business management skills.

Ayele now has a job as a kitchen assistant with a fast food joint and no longer depend on a boyfriend for her upkeep. She and her two friends contribute to pay for their rented room. Ayele is 23 years old and dreams of owning a food joint in Accra one day.

She said’   I am free now and I can make friends and take care of myself.”

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