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The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child guarantees the right of every child to freedom from violence and to the highest attainable standard of mental health. Similarly, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development pledges to end all forms of violence and to promote mental health and well-being

Mental health is as important to children’s safety and wellbeing as their physical health.  S.Aid have started looking at mental health as a core component of care in its programming especially with adolescent girls and young mothers.

We recognize that negative life experiences such as abuse or exposure to abuse can adversely influence a child’s mental health, and that neglected mental health concerns have the potential to cause affect child’s self-efficacy.

There is now a greater awareness of the necessity of holistic mental health services in our programmes post Covid.

What does this mean for Street Girls Aid?  As part of our response S.Aid plan to provide more integrated mental health support to the many girls and young mothers in street situations.

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